All U.S. tornadoes, 1950-2012

By Andrew Gibson, KBIA-FM

The following map shows the touch-down location of U.S. tornadoes from 1950-2012, as documented by The project uses data from the weather service's Storm Prediction Center.

Use the slider to move from year to year, or press play to move from year to year automatically. Checking the cumulative box will show all tornadoes from previous years. Click the dots for information about the number of fatalities and injuries caused by a tornado, as well as its time, date and strength.

  • Green dots represent tornadoes with EF0 and EF1 ratings
  • Yellow dots represent tornadoes with EF2 and EF3 ratings
  • Red dots represent tornadoes with EF4 and EF5 ratings
  • Dots are sized by the number of deaths


Information about shortcomings in the prediction center's data